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Escape Route is a Travel and Events management company headquartered in NCR. With an ingrained theme of escaping from monotony, our services are enriched with off-beat propositions and experiences customised to the preferences of our guests. Get in touch with us for any of the following:

Travel management (travel support, personalised holidays, corporate excursions)

Events management (interactive ideas for large gatherings)

Marketing and sales for off-beat properties (non-hotels)

Hospitality management, support and consultancy

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Tethys by the river is around 11 hours journey from Delhi enroute Chanshal Pass. This property is a welcome break from city life, which allows you to spend evenings by the riverside. The stone-built rooms are unique and offer a new experience...


This property in the Himlayan countryside is a 10 hour drive from Delhi beyond the popular and bustling Shimla. The region still maintains its old-world charm and the humans have not been able to spoil the raw nature yet.


This property features real-high on EQ i.e. Escape Quotient as it transports you away from the hustle and concrete right into the forest where everything man-made camouflages right back into the forest. Proper care has been given while building this resort as not a single tree was fallen...


Perched on a hilltop 346 kilometres away from Delhi, this is a private hideaway in Shitalakhet

Happy clients say it all


hike messenger

Tarun Dhawan

Hike Messenger


This was team hike’s maiden experience with #EscapeRoute for an entire day outing. Overall, every team member had a prodigious time.


Shubham Jamwal

Thomson Reuters


It was an enlivening experience. Waiting for the next one!


Sushmita Srivastava

Discover India Magazine


Cliched, rigid itineraries isn’t their thing and that’s the reason why I will soon be travelling with them again!


Mili Lalwani

UBM India


Offbeat destinations are their forte, so if you want to explore the unexplored, Escape Route is an apt choice.


Escape Stories

Places, people, cultures & more

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So you are a traveler, but are you?
The world of travel more often than not misleads you to a happy place. What is that happy place? that rock on the mountain top, that beautiful shore with colorful pebbles, the adorable, sometimes angry faces of young kids? After that it is just filters… What is that happy place you need to be at […]
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The White Peaks – Property Review
ON TOP OF THE WORLD Well, a headline like that could be misleading. The White Peaks is not really that high in altitude to make one feel on top of the world. But in terms of holiday experiences, it is quite there. This quaint homestay in Gagar, Uttarakhand is a place that will make you […]
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  • All travel solutions under one roof

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  • Personalised experiences with end to end solutions

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  • Long standing relationships with hospitality partners

  • Motivated for positive feedback


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