March 2019

Social media isn’t social

Posted By : Sumit Singh Jamwal/ 573 0

I would like to think of myself as someone who is a social media ‘critique’, addicted to social media also making a little part of my living somewhat basis social media. There is going to be a lot of “I” in this piece because social media is all about I, me, myself
and self-confidence, which really bothers if you want to come across as nice and modest.

So, I don’t feel good about wasting time “researching” across social-media and then I sometimes (1 out of 100 times) rant about social media on social media platforms and get schooled on why am I on social media then.

I believe, we are all on social media. It is a part of everyone’s life and large part of the day for over 3 billion people around the world (rough stats). I believe the number to be higher.

To not be on social media, you will have to undo all the stuff you have done online in your life alongside undoing all your social media footprints and living like a caveman where no one can see you. I am not sure if the life in a cave will be nice or the video about a caveman will be a real good watch. I recently heard someone comparing the effect of social media on your mind similar to that of a fancy drug. That explains something.

In current times, when your complete self is judged by the number of hits, likes, engagements you have generated on social media, it is very difficult to call out addiction from affection. In a world full of marketing gurus, influencers, citizen journalists, bloggers, vloggers etc. you can go wrong the moment two people question your thought. It is not about the rationale anymore, it is about the movement; the virality of the topic.

Few are getting sacked for using one wrong word in a 10-word statement, others are losing their sleep over a comment on racism by a 16-year-old sitting at some far-end of the world, who probably is worried about getting cheated on by her boyfriend. Few are teaching you really how to have fun, eat, talk, travel, to pretty much live. They are all doing their job well, but what makes you believe you have been doing it all wrong all this while.

“Social” is a part of our lives; We will always crave for attention, love, affection, experiences, while “media” is just content created by someone like you. He/she may know something better, or may not know anything at all.

Some talk about getting validation through the number of likes and views, others talk about not caring about the numbers and just keep doing what they love. Who to believe, who to trust?

At the end of the day it is one opinion against all others and few against many. Does social media really make us social, or is sending us back to individualism?

I do not know the answer, but I am going to keep doing what I like to do, watch what I like to watch and make content that shows you the real stuff without the touch-up. Leaving it up to you do decide as it always is, as it should be.