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Aamod Mud-Fort Kuchesar

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A quick escape down the historic lane

At a distance of 80kms from Delhi, Kuchesar is a princely estate in Bulandshahar district, state of Uttar Pradesh. The rulers of Kuchesar built Mud-fort in 1734. Mud-fort of Kuchesar tells of the history of Jats who acquired the estate to fill the vacuum created by the decline of the Mughal empire. The acquisition was not that easy though, it is an interesting part of history marked by wars and can easily make for a movie with Mughal Era, East India Company, Marathas, Jats, Rohillas and others playing important roles over a period of its three century-old history.

Restaurant area of Aamod Mud Fort KuchesarMud-Fort Kuchesar is divided into 2 sections amongst the heirs. One section has been reinstated as a heritage resort with 19 rooms open to public and is being managed by Aamod Resorts. An hour’s drive from the National Capital Region transports you into this interesting part of history that reveals itself from different pictures, artefacts, architecture at the property and stories from the locals who have been around for generations.

Aamod Mud Fort KuchesarIt is an obvious choice for a short break from Delhi – NCR as the region offers clean air, clear skies, plantations of mustard, sugarcane, mango across acres of land which is a sight to behold for the sore city eyes. Aamod Mud-Fort Kuchesar in particular has a lot to offer an escape from monotony.

Aamod Mud Fort Kuchesar RoomsLet us take a look in and outside the property:

If you are a luxury child and only count expensive-indulgences as part of your experiences, you may not want to have this as your only option. However, if you care about the experience more than just the finest-things in life, this place has a lot to offer. The 19 rooms open to guests offer a distinct character and style, though the over-arching architecture keeps the overall experience same. Each of the rooms has been named after the royalty that dwelled at the property at some point of time. There are photographs from the past that talk about the history and the marvels on the activities of the royalty. Locals claim that over 360 villages came under the purview of Mud-Fort royalty and sought their support in being safe from intruders both wild and greedy.

Courtyard Area of Aamod Mud Fort KuchesarThe courtyard of the property gives it a spacious and historic look that allows you to get-over most of the fine-dining restaurants you have visited. Aamod Resorts with its philosophy of “you find a spot and we will set-up a table for you” makes it special for everyone looking a customised experience.

Courtyard area of Aamod Mud Fort Kuchesar- Review and PhotosWith close proximity to river Ganga, the swimming pool at the property is filled with Ganga water and is a real treat in the summers.

The Shikar lounge of the property has a pool table, table tennis, carom and chess, card-games etc. Group activities are arranged by resort staff on request. For those who want fresh air, one can choose between badminton, cricket, football etc. There are a number of other activities one can choose from ranging from pottery-making with local artisans to village walk to tractor-rides, farm-lunches etc

Mango festivals and farm-lunches are common with guests at the property. With a number of mango, sugarcane farms under its reign, Aamod Mud-Fort Kuchesar allows its guests to have a unique experience of riding a tractor through the country-side and enjoying a delicious meal under the shade of mango tress throughout the year. The village-walks and experiences are unique and enjoyable as some of the village houses are still built out of mud, saving it from eclipse of concretisation. The walk through nearby Baghbala and Kuchesar villages is an inimitable and a humble experience and much recommended by Escape Route.

Mango Orchard at Aamod Mud Fort KuchesarOverall perspective:

Architecture: Built in 1734, the architecture of the place really sends you on a walk down the history lane and is both unmatched and refreshing for city dwellers. What more, the place is being sought after for shoots by Bollywood and Netflixes of the world.

Food: The a’ la carte food is simple yet authentic and has a distinct local flavour. Not much experimentation with the food to show it off as extravagant has kept the basics intact and everyone loves the food at this place. Talk to the chefs for their specials and you will be surprised on what all you can get here. The vegetables are grown in the farms making it an excellent farm-to-table dining option.

Food Review at Aamod Mud Fort KuchesarActivities: Lot to do in and around the property with indoor games, outdoor games, village walks, tractor rides etc.

Nature: Undoubtedly an exciting add-on with trees, crops and fruit orchards engulfing the heritage property, clear-skies and starry nights are a real treat to the sore city eyes.

Sugarcane field visit at Aamod Mud Fort KuchesarHospitality: Wherever you think the décor and luxury is trimming corners, the resort makes-up for the same with its warm and indomitable hospitality.

Hospitality at Aamod Mud Fort KuchesarValue-for-money – You can own a piece of this history and royalty at prices for a Deluxe-room starting at INR 6000 (additional discount on portals), pretty much affordable for what it offers and what you can do in and around the property.


About Author: Sumit Singh Jamwal reviewed this property on behalf of Escape Route. Sumit is the MD of Escape Route, an experiential travel company, loves to explore off-beat places and share Escape stories with the world through Escape Route.

Follow him at www.instagram.com/jamwal_saaaab/ on instagram and Escape Route at https://www.instagram.com/escaperoute.co.in/. You can also watch Escape Route videos at https://www.youtube.com/c/escaperoutein

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    February 16, 2020

    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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    A traveller
    September 7, 2020

    Great place. Been there. One can completely loose themselves there from the hustle bustle of life. Closest to nature. Yummy food. Great service. Totally recommend.

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    Pradeep pal
    September 7, 2020

    Excellent property, I have to to it N no. Of time, the hospitality is top class.
    There is fusion of contemporary and heritage party.
    Worth spending time with your family


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