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Things not to do in Ladakh


Why travel?
Posted by: Sumit Singh Jamwal /5900

The mountains are calling and I must go vs human jams on Everest Top, trekkers stuck for hours! Must visit hill-stations this summer vs Shimla faces the worst water-crisis in its history, urges tourists to stay away! There are many such recent headlines that you must have come across if you have any interest in […]


So you are a traveler, but are you?
Posted by: Sumit Singh Jamwal /9820

The world of travel more often than not misleads you to a happy place. What is that happy place? that rock on the mountain top, that beautiful shore with colorful pebbles, the adorable, sometimes angry faces of young kids? After that it is just filters… What is that happy place you need to be at […]


Chandigarh – From Caro-bar to micro-breweries
Posted by: Sumit Singh Jamwal /4250

Chandigarh; an Indian city and a union territory, that serves as the capital of the two neighbouring states of Punjab and Haryana. The Chandigarh tourism website claims that ‘Serenity’ and a ‘City’ are two diametrically opposite concepts, which however, get belied in the ‘City Beautiful’. They are right to say that Chandigarh is a rare […]

Things not to do in Ladakh


Things not to do in Ladakh!
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Please do not go to Ladakh just because he or she has done it, Please go to Ladakh if you really want to do it! La-dakh meaning the land of high passes is a beautiful cold desert in India with landscapes ranging from rocky / muddy barren mountains to snow-capped peaks, rivers, lakes, sand dunes, […]

The Asian Highway


A Road that can take you Places: The Asian Highway (AH 1)
Posted by: Sumit Singh Jamwal /33221

Asian Highway 1 is the longest route of the Asian Highway Network running 20,557 kms starting from Tokyo in Japan running through South Korea- North Korea- China- Hong Kong- Vietnam- Cambodia- Thailand- Myanmar where it joins the network of Indian National Highways. In the North-Eastern part of India, it starts from NH 39 ( Moreh […]


Social media isn’t social
Posted by: Sumit Singh Jamwal /5730

I would like to think of myself as someone who is a social media ‘critique’, addicted to social media also making a little part of my living somewhat basis social media. There is going to be a lot of “I” in this piece because social media is all about I, me, myself and self-confidence, which really […]


Hike to Triund, Two Rainbows and the Sleepless Night
Posted by: Sumit Singh Jamwal /7390

Life of a travel and hospitality entrepreneur comes with its own challenges. A day is never enough and the nights put up a pause in number of things you can do. There is no weekend, day-off, holiday, as a matter of fact ‘holidays’ are busier than regular days. Last year, around this time, I managed […]


Don’t follow travel; not to find peace at least!
Posted by: Sumit Singh Jamwal /8780

Either you are not as good as you are, or you are better than you thought you were. Either ways, who are you?


Road less taken: Place rarely visited
Posted by: Sumit Singh Jamwal /12360

From Line of Control to Line of Actual Control and that night… India has a coastline as long as 7500 kms spanning 13 states, UTs as well as islands while the border line with 6 nations is almost the double at over 14000kms which is known as LOC, LAC as well as international border based […]



Thought: Life is like a trip
Posted by: Sumit Singh Jamwal /9990

Just like the beginning of life, each trip begins with an idea of hope, happiness and a new start… A trip through unexplored routes fills us with freshness about an escape from the mundane. There is a start with determination that things will never be the same again and only better from thereon. Sometimes you […]