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Romance Special: 5 interesting travel ideas

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Travel ideas for you to escape from monotony with your beloved!

The idea of romance has always been subjective. Breakfast in a bed covered with rose petals might be romantic for you, but not as much for somebody else. Some partners share a passion for fitness, some for cooking, some for reading, adventure sports, or painting…it could be anything that the two like to do together and find it romantic. But we’re yet to meet a pair in love who doesn’t like to travel, to escape. Travel and romance are old friends, after all (think honeymoons!).

Now travelling too is a matter of choice. So whether you and your partner are young, wild and free or are ageing gracefully, we’ve got these travel ideas for you to choose from and escape!


Explorers at heart don’t mind getting lost, given a picturesque natural location and of course the company of your beloved one. So leave all your cares behind and head to a destination where you’re surrounded by trees and sheltered by the sky.

Interesting Travel IdeasIf rustic is your style then we’d suggest you go camping at a place like Nainidanda. You could go for a trek or simply just lie in a hammock and enjoy the company of trees.  The hammock life at Nainidanda[/caption]

Then there’s Sher Bagh, a perfectly dreamy abode bordering Ranthambore National Park, if living in a forest is not your cup of tea. It features luxurious, hand-stitched canvas tents and just about everything elegantly romantic.

Aamod at Shoghi is another natural wonderland with accommodation offered in wooden cottages. Having been built on forest land, the resort has a gazillion pines and deodars running through. One of the most romantic thing to do, when here, is avail the benefit of their Jacuzzi on top of the hill.


That feeling of hitting the highway, leaving the mundane behind, with no particular destination in your mind, and the love of your life sitting right beside you is…inexplicable. Isn’t it?

travel ideasIf you’ve got little ones that you can’t leave behind, you might as well plan a short road trip; if driving from NCR, Fatehpur Sikri could be an ideal choice with Coral Tree Homestay at Agra being your home for the night. But if it’s just the two of you, we’d recommend you cross a couple of states and drive to a point where you feel like you can touch the horizon.

If heading towards Rajasthan or The Thar Desert, a pit stop at Alwarbagh by Aamod can be a good idea. And do you know of this nice little hamlet called Jibhi? It falls on the route that connects Shimla and Manali; if by any chance you find yourself on this way, you must stay at Latoda by the River in Jibhi. And if the peaks of Uttarakhand seem to be calling you, the Mountain Trail Resort near Mukhteshwar makes for a comfortable stay.


…and get to know each other again! As unromantic as it may sound, this is a fantastic idea when you’re growing old together and feeling like romance is wilting away.

interesting travel ideasSo if you’re two people who have literally been eating, sleeping and breathing together for quite a long time now, it’s time to take a break; a break from your daily routine and take a vacation with a bunch of strangers around. This will help you rediscover the friends in each other yet again. Stay in a hostel or go hiking with a bunch of passionate travelers and try not to discuss the monthly expenses.

La Vie hostel, a popular among travelers, can be found in Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, McLeodganj and Leh as well. Similarly, there are plenty of Zostels too.


Disappearing from the face of the Internet is what first world romance sounds like. Add to that an off-beat location and you’re all set for your private escape!

romantic travel ideas
One of Mary Budden Estate’s accomodations – the Dalar homestay

Get ready to say goodbye to the Wi-Fi for a few days. Because sometimes a digital detox is all you need to rekindle the romance between the two of you. Pick a beautiful private villa or a boutique homestay such as the ones offered by Mary Budden Estate in Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary for a hassle-free vacation. What better way to spend some days of uninterrupted romance with your partner!



It’s time, don’t you think so?

Whether you choose a trek to Triund or unravel the highs of Rudraprayag, together, at least once in your lifetime, you ought to experience an adrenaline rush unlike any other. More adventurous options include paragliding and sky diving, of course. Talking of paragliding, what better place than Bir – the paragliding capital of India.

If you decide to travel to the village of Chopta in Rudraprayag, Pristine Eco Camp is the perfect place to rest your feet at. Those visiting Tirthan valley must experience staying at Raju Bharti’s Guesthouse; it’s simple and comfortable.

Wherever you wish to go, we hope you come back with pockets full of love and memories that’d last forever…



things about Ladakh

Ladakh, in feelings

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More than anything, Ladakh is a feeling; a feeling cumulative of several other feelings, and a feeling that everyone experiences for themselves…

The awe-inspiring virtue of Ladakh captivates you to the extent that it seems impossible to encapsulate all its beauty in a definite number of words. And yet, we try…we try to express the allure of this cold desert  in terms of the traits it possesses, in feelings it evokes.


Evident in the air of Ladakh, even more than Oxygen, is the essence of spirituality and a state of Zen. The fact that Ladakh was once a Buddhist kingdom is reason enough to explain the roots of this emotion; Buddhist pilgrims used to be the only kind of travelers back then. Guru Nanak also spent some time meditating in Ladakh. In the present times, with places like the Shanti Stupa, Diskit Monastery, Gurudwara Patthar Sahib, Jama Masjid and more dotting its landscape, Ladakh is enveloped with a sense of zen.


things in Ladakh

A land of supernatural landscapes, as they call it, Ladakh’s geography evokes a truly celestial feeling. For every second that you spend in Ladakh with your eyes wide open, you’ll witness physical beauty in one form or the other. From vast rocky terrains and snow capped peaks to vibrant and almost magical skies, every frame in Ladakh is surreal. Even amid the crowded Leh, one thing or the other would manage to charm you. And then there are rather breathtaking locations such as the Lamayuru village in Uleytopko. Known as the moonland of Ladakh, Lamayuru is home to lunar landscapes that give one the feeling of being on moon.


pangong tso, things in ladakh

Ladakh’s lakes are an integral part of its character and beauty. These extraordinary lakes are alluring to the extent that they appear mystical, even more so when the water is absolutely still and the lake mirrors the sky. All three of them are unique in their own way. Pangong, being the highest salt water lake in the world, owns a reputation of its own. But it is its ever-changing colour – from blue and azure to green and grey – that makes for a visual delight. Tso Moriri, one of our personal favourite spots, is where you get to spot Tibetan wild asses grazing by the shore in all their laziness. And the fluctuating Tso Kar attracts its own share of exotic birds, and awe from travelers.


Humans of Ladakh; things in Ladakh

If you have already been to Ladakh, chances are that you have come back with anecdotes of your heart-warming experience with the locals. Sometimes, the interaction lasts a smile and if you (you must) choose to live in a homestay, you end up getting a closer look into the life and culture of the Ladakhis. Either way, it is evident that the indigenous people of Ladakh are extremely kind and hospitable, sometimes beyond comprehension. If you do get to stay with a Ladakhi family, you’ll learn how they cherish the little things in life. It is no less than an opportunity to learn a couple of things from people who have found a way of life in a region with extreme climate. Your choice of staying in a homestay over a hotel or resort will not just give you a beautiful experience but will also help keep Ladakh from the risk of commercialization that it is currently facing.


Things in Ladakh

More than anything, Ladakh is all about what you feel; a feeling cumulative of several other feelings, and a feeling that everyone experiences for themselves. Right from the excitement of getting there and the dizziness you feel when you actually get there to the mind-numbing chill, the thrill of being ‘on top of the world’, and the entire experience you bring back with you, it is your own journey that counts.

As much as we love to escape and explore ourselves, it gets even better when like-minded people join us on our journeys. So if Ladakh is on your bucket-list this year, join our Escape to Ladakh this June and Experience Ladakh at your own pace! Talk to us and let us custom-make an itinerary for you and your gang.

One with Wilderness: Camping site near Delhi

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For the adventure seeker in you, Escape Route has come up with its own camping site near Delhi. Camp under the stars, pitch your own tent wherever you want, cook food the rustic way, go for a nature trail, spot hyenas and/or just laze around and share stories with fellow travellers…& get one with wilderness

For the adventurer in you, Escape Route has come up with its own camping site near Delhi!

Situated close to Damdama Lake, amid Aravallis, this camping site near Delhi allows you get one with wilderness. Camp under the stars, pitch your own tent wherever you want, cook food the rustic way, go for a nature trail, spot hyenas and/or just laze around and share stories with fellow travellers.

Just about an hour from Delhi and even lesser from Gurgaon, the route to this site passes through the Faridabad-Gurgaon forest range which in itself is an incredible off-roading experience for all wanderers. The route is one of the favourites for motorcycle enthusiasts in NCR. The camping site can also be reached via Sohna road in almost similar time.

This site is spread across 4 acres of land in the forest range and is being preserved and maintained as per the strict guidelines of the forest department. On one side, the land has a water stream flowing towards Damdama Lake. So when it rains, one can enjoy a little boat ride to reach the camping site. The network and electricity here is limited; almost perfect for the urban professional who seeks a digital detox every now and then.

To retain its raw essence and allow you a purely rustic experience, we make sure that minimum human touch-ups are made. But don’t you worry, the bare minimum, such as facility of proper toilets, has been made available. More than anything else, it is an honest attempt to escape from monotony without having to travel too far, and spend time with nature in the middle of nowhere.

Please note: The site is functional on specific dates and on group requests only. And you may rent out camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags etc.) from Travelers Cafe by Escape Route.

travel goals

2018: Travel goals with Escape Route

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Every New Year brings along hope, determination and (travel) goals! Take a look at our 2018 Trips Calendar. It concurs with all the long weekends of the year and helps you escape from monotony and realise your travel goals

Every New Year brings along hope, determination and (travel) goals! Take a look at our 2018 Trips Calendar. It concurs with all the long weekends of the year and helps you escape from monotony and realise your #travelgoals


JANUARY – Thar Desert – To The Sun And Back

travel goalsWith Jodhpur as our first stop and Thar Desert our base camp for the night, this road trip will kick start the year. Think hot sunny days and super cold nights, and get ready to embrace the extremes and vastness complimented by magnificent sunrises, sunsets as well as starlit skies.

FEBRUARY – Alwarbagh – Celebrate Romance

travel goalsBelieving in the legacy that love cannot be narrowed down to a single day, we are taking February as the month of love. The month long lovely festivities include a romantic ride to Alwarbagh near Sariska National Park. We are talking breakfast in bed, candle lit dinner, long walks and much more…

MARCH – Rishikesh – Holi Au Naturel

travel goalsFor the festival of colours and water, what better an idea than taking a dip in the Ganges and floating alongside your raft at Rishikesh? That is how we do Holi au naturel and you must have this on your list of 2018 travel goals.

APRIL – Parashar Lake – One With Wilderness

travel goals

Holier-than-thou and sage Parashara’s namesake, this mystic lake has enthralled one and all. This is going to be an adventurous road trip on cruiser motorcycles and 4by4s. And we will be camping next to the lake.

JUNE – Ladakh – Heaven On Earth

travel goals3 Idiots (the movie) might have made it famous, but there is way more to Ladakh than Pangong lake. We go there year after year and still can’t get enough of the paradise it is. This time, we are stationed at Ladakh the entire June (hitting the road from Delhi on 1st June). Join us on the road trip or fly-in to Ladakh and let us help you explore the marvels of India’s cold desert.

AUGUST – Spiti – On Top Of The World

travel goalsWe talked about it first and we will be doing it again. This road trip to Komic, the highest village in Asia, covers it all ─ right from a night’s stop at the moon lake Chandra Taal to the way of life at Kaza. Come prepared for a bumpy ride as it can’t get any higher (and prettier) than this, at least in Asia.

SEPTEMBER – Rudraprayag – Serenity Bound

travel goalsWe’ve talked about the Highs of Rudraprayag before. It is time to experience it yourself with a road trip to the beautiful Rudraprayag along with camping at Deoria Tal and witnessing the mesmerising sunset from Chandrashila.

OCTOBER – Varanasi – And Its Sanctity

travel goalsThe holiness of the Ganga runs through the streets of the oldest city – Varanasi. They say their lies a mystic charm in its being. It is time we experience it for ourselves alongside the Ghats.

NOVEMBER – Sikkim – For Its Dramatic Landscapes

travel goalsTucked away in the lap of Eastern Himalayas, Sikkim is picturesque and charming with its lakes, monasteries and simply its rhythm of life. North Sikkim is the place to be if you are looking for serene beauty, gushing rivers, verdant forests or just warm hospitable smiling faces.

DECEMBER – Kutch – Over The Horizon

travel goalsFamous for the Rann of Kutch and the annual Rann Utsav, Kutch holds more to it than meets the eye. It’s most special on the night of the full moon and that is when we’re going to be there. Come experience it with us.


Detailed itineraries to follow. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us.

travel goals


All trips are managed by experts at Escape Route and our network of hospitality partners. We are committed to offer the best-in-class experience to all our guests. Please feel free to drop your queries/booking requests at You can also reach out to us through any of our social media platforms.



Revisiting Manali

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A lot has already been said about Manali, about its beauty, about its look and feel and more…yet there is an inherent charm to this hill station that makes it worth visiting again and again

Being multi-cultural in its essence, Manali offers you equal opportunities to let your hair down as well as introspect in natural solitude. The hill station is painted in a hue where the old meets new in an enchanting way.

In the town’s nomenclature, you’ll find plenty of mythological references; ‘Valley of Gods’ is what it is famously called. Head to the nearby village of Naggar and you’ll get an insight into what made Manali a painter’s muse. If the famous Russian artist, Nicholas Roerich, were alive (and accessible), we would have loved to get his perspective on what made him fall in love with the  mountains of Naggar, that he didn’t find anywhere else.

From stories about Lord Shiva to being home to people with different nationalities throughout, Manali exposes you to a world of immense possibilities. From traditional Himachali Siddu to authentic lasagnas, the food experience in the city is equally satisfying. At any given point of time, you will find people with varied backgrounds and different nationalities trotting the same streets.

Over the years, Manali has evolved in two parts – an era gone by (Old Manali with its rustic charm) and the developed Manali town around Mall Road. What connects the two worlds, literally, is an old bridge over Manalsu River (as seen in the topmost image).

Any trip to Manali is incomplete without a visit to Old Manali, be it for its vintage streets and wooden houses, for an escape from city life or simply to try the food at its numerous themed cafes. If you like home-made noodles forget everything and head to Tibetan Kitchen. Then there’s Casa Belle Vista for vegetarians who are all for Spanish food and wine. Those seeking a delicious serving of Trout must try Johnson’s Cafe which is open through the year.

Vashisht village set on a steep hill opposite Old Manali is popular for hot springs and old temples, as well as pocket-friendly restaurants and home stays. If you are in mood for a trek through the woods, an eight-hour hike from Vashisht to Pandu Ropa (11,480 feet above sea level) is a perfectly adventurous idea. And we suggest you take local guidance and support to make the best of this long hike.

July to September is the harvest season and apple-plucking is a must-do experience. Some kind-hearted residents allow you to pick apples, pears and plums for free, others may charge a small amount for this lovely exercise. It might be of interest to note that the apple orchards in Manali were initiated by our colonizers.

However popular or travelled-to Manali is, it never ceases to amaze with its own share of history as well as natural glory. With the tinted Beas River flowing through, verdant valleys and picturesque snow-laden peaks all around, the town owns a slice of heaven.

Everyone comes back with their own experience of a destination. Do share yours in the comments section below.


Summer Escape: Dharamshala

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Distance from Delhi: 480 kms (Delhi – Ambala – Rupnagar – Una – Kangra – Dharamshala)
When to visit: Snowfall in January, trekking in summer and monsoons from July to mid-September
Top things to do: Bask in the culture of Mcleodganj, camping at Triund and other adventure activities

Dharamshala from Delhi is a little longer by road in comparison to other popular destinations in Himachal Pradesh, India. At the same time, it is an amazing road trip for the adventure seekers especially when covered on a motorcycle. Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh is surrounded by cedar forest on the edge of Himalayas.

McLeod Ganj is a tourist hotspot and popular among adventure seekers for the nature trails it can offer. With a beautiful blend of Tibetan and British influence in its by lanes, McLeod Ganj is a beautiful hill station known as Little Lhasa as well as the Headquarters of Tibetan Government in exile. If you have a soft corner for Tibetan culture, food, chilled out cafes and monasteries, McLeod Ganj is your spot.

Dharamshala offers a lot of options to get that adrenaline rush. An array of new spots are springing up that offer adventure activities like paragliding, nature-trails, soon-to be introduced bungee-jumping and zip-lining among others. Triund is a spectacular hilltop overlooking the magnificent Dhauladhar ranges at a stone’s throw distance. We were blessed with rainbows, clouds, snow covered peaks, sunshine and rain as we stepped on the ridge (watch video).

Camping at Triund is a great experience and is highly recommended. Watch the video for a glimpse of the great experience.