Chandigarh – From Caro-bar to micro-breweries



Chandigarh – From Caro-bar to micro-breweries

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Chandigarh; an Indian city and a union territory, that serves as the capital of the two neighbouring states of Punjab and Haryana.

The Chandigarh tourism website claims that ‘Serenity’ and a ‘City’ are two diametrically opposite concepts, which however, get belied in the ‘City Beautiful’. They are right to say that Chandigarh is a rare epitome of modernization co-existing with nature’s preservation. It is here that the trees and plants are as much a part of the construction plans as the buildings and the roads. India’s first planned city, is a rich, prosperous, happy and healthy, green city rightly called “THE CITY BEAUTIFUL”.

You will actually find people strolling in the parks in morning and late afternoons till late nights, cavalary / horsemen near the army areas, people actually waiting at the traffic signals, and mostly if not always happy faces. We travelled across Chandigarh and around to figure out the top things to do in Chandigarh in the current summer season; some of these things can be tried all year around. Take a look:



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