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Six tents & two-family rooms with modern yet contemporary décor equipped with hot & cold air-conditioner units blend into the environment. The seventh tent is the dining room. All tents are elevated from the ground and built on 2 feet high stilts. The tents are made of canvas and en suite facilities with 24 hrs. running hot water. High four poster modern design bed with spring mattress and pillows is what is required after a long day on the trail. These have been designed to entrench you in a cocoon of luxury.


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Wake up to the chirping of birds and occasional growl of the tiger, heard at night. This Bandhavgarh resort has the perfect balance of comfort and nature. The lodges form a sanctuary in the middle of the jungle where nature lovers can stay and experience nature, the beauty and the wilderness both. One can get ample opportunities to sight wildlife around the accommodation. Animals are a sure sight in the compound of the lodges; So be ready with a camera to capture the exciting moments.

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Bandhavgarh is one of the premier tiger breeding and siting areas in the country and an absolute must visit for the ardent wildlife lover. The best way to visit this wildlife sanctuary is to go on safari either on a jeep or an elephant. The Bandhavgarh Fort is a very popular tourist place that sits atop the Bandhavgarh Hill. The fort is assumed to be 2,000 years old. This fort holds stories of many dynasties, e.g. the Maghas, to the Vakatakas from the 3rd Century; the Sengars from the 5th Century to the Kalchuris from the 10th Century.

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