Shimla water crisis



Shimla water crisis: The joke is on us

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Everybody who used #hills #travel #fun #heaven and never thought #responsible is to be blamed…

Shimla locals ask tourists to stay away’

‘Congress MLAs have threatened to gherao the Municipal Corporation office, CM holds review meetings with different departments’

‘Mid-night protest march – citizens demand registration of FIR against the officials responsible for allegedly supplying sewage-mix water’

‘7 days of no water leave Shimla locals angry; tourists asked to stay away, find other options’

‘Government swings into action, divides Shimla into three zones to tackle water crisis. All are equal, no tankers for VIPs’

‘Court appeals residents to not wash cars,

‘Shimla’s daily requirement is around 42 MLD (million litres/day) water but supply fell to 22 MLD’

These are some of the headlines about the water crisis in the capital of Himachal Pradesh over the past one week. The Shimla water crisis that started as water shortage is over a week old and if reports are considered, it will loom over the next couple of weeks.

It is the worst thing to have happened to the hill station after the concretization. Exactly how big the problem is and which other regions are affected will be known later as the pundits have just begun their calculations.

I recently visited Shoghi for a small cleanliness drive on the Tara Devi temple route with one of our partner properties and couldn’t help but observe and capture the concrete jungle that Shimla has become. The thought of endless honking during traffic jams at the entry of Shimla city has filled me with restlessness over the years, so I would only look at it from a safe distance. The images gave me the same restlessness; mountains covered with more concrete than trees… they have been in mind ever since. And now the current Shimla water crisis only adds to the sorrow.

shimla water crisisThis is not a post full of crisis information, tips to recover from the Shimla water crisis or talk about how bad things have become. This is to remind us all that we are all responsible for this crisis. Anyone who has ever been to Shimla and been mesmerised looking at the green while overlooking the impending crisis is to be blamed. Everyone who got inebriated with the beauty of hills while honking endlessly at other vehicles in a never ending traffic jam is to be blamed. Everybody who used #hills, #travel, #fun, #heaven and never thought #responsible is to be blamed. Anyone who never cared about using the natural resources judicially is to be blamed.

Is it soon enough to respect Mother Nature and not feed on its carcass like wild dogs? What next after Shimla?

If we are still not doing our bit, we may never need to…

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    August 8, 2018





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