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major tourist destinations


Tourism is opening up, but when will it pick up?
Posted by: Sumit Singh Jamwal /25112
The Covid-19 pandemic has affected life as we knew it across the world. Of all the sectors hit by this pandemic, Travel and Tourism seems to have been the worst hit. Across the world, countries and major tourist destinations have suffered financial losses and are taking their calls on when to open up and help […]
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How to approach honeymoon planning


How to Approach Honeymoon Planning
Posted by: Sumit Singh Jamwal /13360
It is an old saying that not all moons of your married life will be as sweet as the first few moons, hence the word honeymoons or honeymoon. Your honeymoon is the best opportunity to understand your partner while you create memories of a lifetime. If it was only about copulating, the couples would not […]
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Travelling via social media


Travelling via Social Media
Posted by: Sumit Singh Jamwal /14240
Travel has been a buzzword, a stress-buster for some and a business for many. Ever since the World War II, times have never been this tough. Just when the humans were basking in their self-pride of being the smartest race on this planet, a delicate but highly contagious virus, roughly one-900th the width of a […]
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Life in the Corona Era


Life in the Corona-era
Posted by: Sumit Singh Jamwal /11320
A virus has claimed the lives of thousands of people world over. It has brought the whole world in a panic state with countries implementing complete lockdown. There is a ban on people travelling overseas as a number of countries have stopped offering visas and the international flights are being cancelled. WHO has called it […]
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