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Things not to do in Ladakh


Things not to do in Ladakh!
Posted by: Sumit Singh /3810
Please do not go to Ladakh just because he or she has done it, Please go to Ladakh if you really want to do it! La-dakh meaning the land of high passes is a beautiful cold desert in India with landscapes ranging from rocky / muddy barren mountains to snow-capped peaks, rivers, lakes, sand dunes, […]
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The Asian Highway


A Road that can take you Places: The Asian Highway (AH 1)
Posted by: Sumit Singh /17640
Asian Highway 1 is the longest route of the Asian Highway Network running 20,557 kms starting from Tokyo in Japan running through South Korea- North Korea- China- Hong Kong- Vietnam- Cambodia- Thailand- Myanmar where it joins the network of Indian National Highways. In the North-Eastern part of India, it starts from NH 39 ( Moreh […]
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Social media isn’t social
Posted by: Sumit Singh /4010
I would like to think of myself as someone who is a social media ‘critique’, addicted to social media also making a little part of my living somewhat basis social media. There is going to be a lot of “I” in this piece because social media is all about I, me, myself and self-confidence, which really […]
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India's Mini Switzerland


India’s Mini Switzerland… 6194 kms.. from Berne
Posted by: Laliitha Aiyer /7190
There’s something about the Mountains…. Something that draws my soul to them repeatedly…. There’s a life lesson in the Mountains, the higher we travel, the sounds and sights get more magical… its almost like they are telling you- ‘Make the effort to know me and you will experience the ethereal’… My quest to be in […]
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