Travelling via Social Media

Travelling via social media



Travelling via Social Media

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Travel has been a buzzword, a stress-buster for some and a business for many.

Ever since the World War II, times have never been this tough. Just when the humans were basking in their self-pride of being the smartest race on this planet, a delicate but highly contagious virus, roughly one-900th the width of a human hair, has brought this entire world to a standstill.

Over a million people have been affected by the novel coronavirus across 205 countries and the death toll has crossed 59000 people. Thousands have recovered as well, however the havoc and fear created by this virus through round-the-clock news and social media analyses is the most widespread. Countries are under lockdown, businesses are shut, roads are bare and hospitals are buzzing with new cases every hour.

You cannot travel in the “lockdown” as the word explains itself. Such vivid is the idea of travel that sitting in the comfort of your homes sounds illogical and painful to some. In absence of travel, social media has established a deep rooting in our routine, deeper than the era-before lockdown. The mountains have stopped sending invitations and the hill stations are shutting their doors on the virus. Still there is plenty of content out there which has kept the #wanderlust ignited and that too with revered hope. #Throwbacks and #whattovisitnext is making everyone travel albeit virtually.

The travel content is also making way for more-important topics. Moving away from the social and religious divide created by politicians or some over-intelligent folks across the world, we are now dividing people basis their views and actions on social media. There is now a clear distinction between an extrovert and an introvert, a Government-supporter and the one who is anti-administration, a challenger and a follower, the positive and the fearful and so on. Let us not even touch the world of Whatsapp or the expert field of hate and fear-mongering.

Travelling via social mediaSuch is the trend that friends are being unfriended over their views, couples are fighting, ladies are challenging each other on wearing sarees and posting pictures on popular social media sites, men are shaving-off beard from half of their faces and challenging other men to do the same, among other trending challenges across social media. Some folks have taken it entirely on themselves to train the world on how to spend time at home by showcasing not-so innovative techniques. Everyone is either an artist, chef, a fitness trainer, a dietician, doctor, motivational speaker, journalist or a self-proclaimed expert in various disciplines.

Travel companies are facing most of the heat of this pandemic. Some are disheartened and have gone quiet, some are exploring at other ways of survival and others are scared and sending SOS creatives, feel good messages every hour. Wonder how many times one should wash hands especially when you are at home and not touching anything apart from your beloved no-so smart-phone.

The country which started this all – China, has announced that they have treated each of its infected soul and the pandemic is now over in their part of the world. They are communicating how effective is their way of dealing with the crisis and how they are benevolently helping other countries fight with the pandemic that started in China’s living room. They are busy patting their backs while nobody knows the real state-of-affairs in China. Guess curbing media has its own advantages. Imagine if the rumors about thousands dying each day in China are verified and the global media starts broadcasting it… what comes after lockdown?

There is always someone to blame, someone to praise, somethings to opine about and in current times, a lot to worry about. Let us do it in the right way; keep some of our thoughts to ourselves, not circulate fear or fake positivity. Let us not jump the gun and wait-out this global calamity as:

  1. The mountains will not move anywhere and will call us when they have to
  2. Few days of healthy-eating of home-cooked food never killed anyone
  3. The pahadon-waali maggi will always taste yummy just like the one we can make at home
  4. The buildings outside are not changing shapes and sizes
  5. The roads need to breathe without endless traffic and honking
  6. Our friends and relatives will meet us dearly if there is a gap of few days
  7. Even though social media challenges are fun for some, some don’t like sarees of shaving off-half of their face beard
  8. For those who want continuous attention, people will not forget you if you post a little less
  9. Even if you are as creative as you want, the world does not need each detail
  10. Helping others is more satisfying than few likes on social media
  11. Your loved ones are at home next to you, they need your time and attention more than anything else in the world

Let us stay positive with the social media narratives and fake news and challenges and what not, but more importantly let us try and stay sane.


About Author: This article is written by Sumit Singh Jamwal. Sumit is the MD of Escape Route, an experiential travel company, loves to explore off-beat places and share Escape stories with the world through Escape Route.

Follow him at on instagram and Escape Route at You can also watch Escape Route videos at

Sumit Singh Jamwal
Sumit Singh Jamwal – Escape Route

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